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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Orphanage fun: The day the doctor came to visit...

There were many funny stories to tell of my time living at the orphange in Riberalta. Although one particular day really topped it off. I could tell stories of riding on the back of motorbikes carrying uncovered cakes and other groceries whilst wearing only thongs. The kind of things you would never see back home..because they are illegal.  However there was one day that we had a visit from the local town doctor that had me in stitches most of the time.  

Being completely oblivious to what was going on at first (possibly due to the language barrier) I loaded into the truck for our excursion to Brazil with the kids. I shortly realised that the local town doctor had invited himself along for the day to give him a chance of getting to know this foreigner. In a town like Riberalta I stick out like a sore thumb not just because I sound like a gringo but I'm white and a lot taller then everybody else.  The day became a good laugh and myself and the Orphange director Michael had to constantly control ourselves from laughing. Although this doctor did know a little bit of english, Michael and I were still able to talk about the whole situation in our fast aussie accent without being caught out. 

After trying his english and asking me a few simple questions about myself he decided that we were going to be friends. He then proceeded to give me a friendship ring and asked if we could remain in contact in the future. Before I knew it our next 3 weeks were planned out and explained to me in spanish (great!). From learning how to draw landscapes to doing medical rounds in the nearby jungle village this guy didn't hold back. Luckily by the end of the day I think he got the hint and realised that we weren't going to be friends as thankfully we didn't see him again for the rest of my time in Riberalta. I don't think girls use the 'cold shoulder' in Bolivia but it seemed to do the trick. It definitely made for entertainment and the kids soon caught on to the joke and would constantly call out in spanish "The doctor is here" or "The doctor is coming". It was a funny experience for my first couple of days in Riberalta. 

                                                 Some pictures from our day trip to Brazil... 

                                                                 Mik and The Doctor.

                                                           Lunch on the way to Brazil 

                                                         Loading everybody into the truck.

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