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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A life changing 30 minutes in La Paz

The following paragraph describes a spiritual experience I had on my first day in La Paz about 5 weeks ago, I wanted to share it on my blog because it was a big reality check to me and really opened my heart...

I have seen many wonderful things in my young life. However I had a moment the first day I arrived in Bolivia over a month ago that still sits in my mind now. As I was walking around the city of La Paz I stumbled across a large gathering in the main public square. The people were passionate and I thought for an instant maybe it was a riot. As I watched though a familiar feeling came as I realised the people were worshipping God. I was emotional as I sat and watched these people who don't have much passionately worship. These people who don't have anything compared to what I have back home in Australia didn't care and poured out their hearts. It was so raw and so real. Numerous people started to get up and testify about what God had done in their life, people were healed of sickness right there before my eyes and I saw people walk and death people hear. I was broken as I had never seen a public display like this in the middle of a city before. Maybe in a small town, in a church or some other private place but never had I seen such real passion on display for all to see. I was humbled and something changed in my heart that day as I felt broken and inspired. 

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