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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This last month I have been at an orphanage in Riberalta. This was my first real experience of what 3rd world really was and my mind and heart was opened to new people and a whole new cultural experience. I learnt a lot of shocking facts of how people live and was so glad I got the opportunity to experience it first hand. It was a wake up call to the way we live in western society and I feel I experienced many revelations of what Justice truly is and what it means to love people. 

I will be writing a new blog shortly on some of my stories and adventures during the month at Casa Segura. However in the mean time I hope to inspire you on what Justice means to me now after my time there. I have a new article at my friend Ash's website:: themostalive.com

Please go and check it out and I would be so interested to hear anybodies thoughts and inspirations also.

Until next time! 


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