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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chillen in Chile. Part 2

Travelling the world and experiencing God's masterpieces is one of humanity's greatest privileges. I feel like I have seen so much and there is SO much more to go... 

After Valparaiso I came back to Santiago and joined a hop on/hop off bus tour called  Pachamama.  Unlike other bus companies in Chile, the Pachamama has a tour guide and takes you off the beaten track so you can stop and see the real Chile instead of going straight from A to B. 

I joined the south of Chile route which is shown below on this map... 

First stop was  Pichilemu !

Known as the surf capital this is a really fun beach town which is thriving with beach activity. They even had a massive free areobics work out on the beach that as most of my family and friend would know I throughly enjoyed.                                            It had been years since I had a turn of surfing so I thought what better place to give it a go then here in Chile. After many failed attempts and braving the artic water I caught a couple of nice little waves that I was able to ride to the end. I think I will need to take up surfing properly when I'm back in Australia. 


I was really excited to go to this mountain town. Pucon is famous for being able to do a variety of activities and is full of tourists, however it is a beautiful location and one of my favourite places ( I have a lot! ) 

Unfortunately we didn't have good enough weather to be able to climb the volcano so I opted to go white water rafting instead - great choice!
First time white water rafting and it was a level 4. Best fun and I'm ready to try a level 6 now. Couldn't believe I hadn't been before as it was definitely one of the funnest activities I have experienced. We had a great time in Pucon in a nice little hostel that put on chilean BBQ's each night for all the guests. 


Valdivia is a  very pretty town. From a beautiful night cruise on the calle-calle river to more authentic chilean food and Cueca dancing at the Valdivia food festival, it was definitely a great time!  

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt was the gateway to an amazing three days on Chiloe island and then two spectacular weeks in Patagonia.  

You can read about Chiloe at Ash's website themostalive.com/Chiloe
and also Patagonia themostalive.com/patagonia

Also check out my Patagonia video on Youtube::  Patagonia Travels  

I rejoined the Patagonia bus tour 2 weeks later in Puerto Varas to finish the journey back to Santiago. 

Salta Del Lajo Waterfall 

Balduzzi Winery

One of my favourite stops was the Balduzzi Winery. Which was an Italian winery that was establised in Chile back in the early 1900's. Here are some pictures from the stop:

This is what happens when an earthquake hits a winery.

Got to try the wine straight out of the giant canisters.  
Pretty Balduzzi winery. 
Of course the wine had to be tasted. 


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